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In July

It’s a sale! A Study in Scoundrels is on sale for 99c through July!

I’m excited about my second book in the Romancing the Rules series! This one features Sophia, the middle sister of the Ruthven family. She’s proper, polite, and always followed the rules laid out in her father’s etiquette books. Now she finds herself a spinster and wonders if always following the rules will ever bring her the sort of life she yearns for.

When the sister of notorious scoundrel, Jasper Grey, goes missing, Sophia, who’s secretly penning her own lady detective novel, can’t resisting jumping into the investigation.

As Grey and Sophia search for his sister, the spark of attraction between them cannot be denied, but will it lead to heartache or happily ever after?

Once you read A STUDY IN SCOUNDRELS, I hope you’ll let me know what you think of my scoundrel hero and spinster heroine in the newest Romancing the Rules series novel!

Still Available for a Limited Time

Her Majesty’s Scoundrels is here. Five new novellas for $2.99!

I’m thrilled to be a part of this fresh fabulous anthology by bestselling, award-winning Victorian romance authors, including Laura Landon, Anthea Lawson, Rebecca Paula, and Lana Williams.

The set contains five new novellas, each featuring a sexy Victorian scoundrel and the bold heroine who wins his heart.

Available for a limited time.


Coming in September

I’m thrilled to be a part of the ongoing Keyvor Castle series. This year, everyone is gathering at the haunted castle for a double wedding on Christmas Eve. My story, A Love for Lady Winter, will feature an unique young lady with secrets to hide and a science-loving hero who’s determined to uncover all her mysteries.

This will be my very first Regency-set romance, and I’m excited to be part of a project with such talented authors as Erica Monroe, Christina McKnight, and many others.

You can pre-order a copy Enchanted at Christmas here.


Clary’s Story is Coming in November!


Clary finally gets her happy ending! If you’ve been reading my Romancing the Rules series, you might have been wondering if the youngest Ruthven sister gets a story. She does!

In How to Woo a Wallflower, Clary faces off with Ruthven Publishing manager, Gabriel Adamson. When she takes a job in her family’s business, they clash and tangle every single day. But an attraction simmers underneath their banter that neither will be able to deny.

Pre-order now!