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OSK99cents! One Scandalous Kiss is on Sale!

For a limited time, my first Avon release, One Scandalous Kiss, is on sale for 99 cents! This was the first book I ever submitted to a publisher, my first contracted title, a series starter, and my first (and only, so far) USA Today bestselling book.

The story features a suffragette, a grim viscount, and one very scandalous, very public kiss. Jess wants to save her bookstore, so she accepts a dare and tidy sum of money to publicly embarrass Lord Grimsby.

She never counted on enjoying the kiss.  osk_teaser

Rules for a Rogue is available for pre-order!


This start of a new series features a family of rebels who’ve inherited their father’s etiquette book publishing business. None of them were terribly fond of their father’s books, especially Kit, the oldest and hero of this first book.

Like my other stories, this one is set in the Victorian era, in the early 1890s. I love the period because of the changes taking place in society and technology. Women had more options in terms of employment and the women’s suffrage movement was well underway.

Ophelia, my heroine in Rules for a Rogue, is one of my favorites. She’s strong, smart, and struggles with making the right decisions to support her family and protect her heart.

I love these character so much that I commissioned a fabulous artist named Jenna Paddey to create sketches of Kit and Ophelia.


Once you read the book after it’s released in November, I hope you’ll let me know what you think of my first hero and heroine in the new Romancing the Rules series!

Christy xo